World War II Story by Robert F. Gallagher
"Scratch One Messerschmitt"     (
over 400 pages and 248 photos )

United States Army,  815th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion,  Third Army,  European Theater, 1939 - 1945


Table of Contents

Synopsis and About the Author

Chapter 1: Chicago Before the War and Pearl Harbor

Chapter 2: Drafted

Chapter 3: Camp Haan, California

Chapter 4: Hooray for Hollywood

Chapter 5: March Air Force Base

Chapter 6: Camp Irwin on the Mojave Desert

Chapter 7: One More Try

Chapter 8: Things Improve

Chapter 9: Getting Ready

Chapter 10: Camp Shanks and New York City

Chapter 11: Life Aboard Ship

Chapter 12: Camp Stapley, England

Chapter 13: Crossing the English Channel

Chapter 14: Camp Twenty Grand, France

Chapter 15: Woippy, France

Chapter 16: Differdange, Luxembourg

Chapter 17: Alzey, Germany

Chapter 18: St. Goar, Germany

Chapter 19: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Chapter 20: Hanau, Germany

Chapter 21: Wurzburg, Germany

Chapter 22: Regensburg, Germany

Chapter 23: Landau, Germany - War in Europe Ends

Chapter 24: Straubing, Germany

Chapter 25: Camp Tophat, Antwerp, Belgium - War Ends

Chapter 26: Black Market

Chapter 27: Rest and Relaxation

Chapter 28: Military Police Duty

Chapter 29: Back to England and the Trip Home

Chapter 30: Post War


Medals and Patches

Side Effects of the Story

Comments on the Story - Reader Feedback

German Messerschmitt and American P-51

German Messerschmitt and American P-51 Mustang.

40mm anitiaircraft gun training

Training on the 40mm gun in the Mojave desert.

Tank Destroyer

Tank Destroyer fires at the enemy across the Rhine river.

German POWs

Bob Gallagher (right) and German POWs


Footnotes and Source of Photographs

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Bob Gallagher passed away in 2013 at the age of 88. 

This site is now supported by his son - Mark Gallagher


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