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World War II Story by Robert F. Gallagher
"Scratch One Messerschmitt"

Comments on the Story - Reader Feedback

"History is written by the winners."
Alex Haley

Hundreds of favorable reviews have been received from all over the world by people who have read my story. They indicate that there is a great market for this type of book. Their comments were unsolicited and I do not know any of them personally.


In addition to the many comments from all over the United States, favorable replies have been received from the following countries.

Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Ireland, England, Sweden, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.


From Gordon Kurtz: I just finished reading your story. Words fail me at this time because I found it to be a powerful and moving story of a young man who comes to maturity during the time of our nation's greatest challenge. You found a way to weave humor, suspense, compassion, and most of all honesty into your tale. You are everyman; you are your own man.

From Chris Brown: I just got finished reading the chapters of your WWII adventures. It was a great pleasure to learn something about an era that is just so much history to a man in his 30s. I feel a little bit like I was there with you after reading your story.

From Walt Warren: I have been sitting here reading your story for the last 3 hours. I can't say how much enjoyment I have gotten from it. …. I have read many books in the last 55 years and I have enjoyed yours as much as any written by a "professional" author.

From Bill Granage: I just finished reading your story of your "War Years." I found it and enjoyed it so much that I could not leave my computer until I finished reading it. Thanks for the trip back in history. … Again, thanks for all the effort that went into your excellent picture of life during a different time and different war.

From Josh Auerbach: I stumbled on your son's web site and was drawn into your WWII memoir. I just wanted to write to tell you how very much I enjoyed it. It is the first thing I've read about the Second World War that presented the real-life details - the food, the housing, etc. - rather than the political or military history, and it was fascinating for just that reason. Thanks for sharing your memories.

From Keith from Australia: Over the last couple of nights, I have read with great interest your story of army service and life after the war. Well done. It was very good reading.

From Curg Click: I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your story about your experiences during the war.

From Bill McClellan: Mr. Gallagher: I read every page of your book and enjoyed every word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, and the pictures too. Your book is one of the very best on WW II I have read, and at age 60, I know I have read hundreds of them during my life. Thank you for making it possible for my family and me to live in freedom. With great respect, Bill McClellan, Herndon, VA 20170, March 1, 2009

From Floris: Message: Hi Bob, Thanks for sharing your interesting experiences. It's good to read a WW2 story from the perspective of an 'average' G.I. from that time. Regards, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Floris de Vroe

From: Kenneth J. Maccaux, This is one of the best memoirs I have ever read on WWII. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and giving me insight as to what it was really like to fight a war. Ken


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